Provide Users with an Excel-like Spreadsheet UI

  • Workbook Support

    Show data in a simple grid, a single spreadsheet, or in a multiple sheet workbook. However, you choose to show data, you get a formula library, grouping, sorting, and filtering.

  • Spreadsheet Authoring

    Whether you are working in bound, unbound, or mixed mode, users will enjoy an easy click-to-edit spreadsheet authoring workflow.

  • Style and Formatting

    Apply font, alignment, borders, and shading to cells, rows, columns, and sheets. Apply data type formatting, such as currency, to cells. Cell Merging is also supported.

Provide Users with an Excel-like Spreadsheet UI

Key Features

  • Calculation Engine with Built-in Formulas

    Spread includes a very comprehensive calculation engine to provide formula support, including providing over 100 of the most commonly used functions. In addition, you can easily add your own custom formulas to Spread. You can also use named expressions or relative cell addressing to reference the formulas.

    Calculation Engine with Built-in Formulas
  • Print Support

    Spread gives you control over printing with options such as page ranges, data ranges, headers and footers, margins, orientation, grid lines, and colors.

    Print Support
  • Print Preview control

    The included print preview control makes it easy to preview the printed spreadsheet. There are several options for controlling how your customer will preview the data, including the number of pages that will be previewed on the screen and zooming options.

    Print Preview control
  • Visual Template Designer

    Design spreadsheets with our run-time design tool. It lets you set properties, formatting, data sources, calculations, and more without writing code.

    Visual Template Designer
  • Data Binding and Automatic Display

    Spread can automatically retrieve and display information from ActiveX objects (ADO), Data Access Objects (DBO), and Remote Data Objects (RDO). Once the connection has been made, Spread will create the appropriate columns, configure headers, and create the proper cell types. Spread also allows the user to update the database. All this can be done without code, but you are free to customize behavior using the API.

  • Unbound Mode

    While Spread's bound mode is powerful, it is equally effective when loading data from many other sources such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, tab-delimited files, and custom-delimited files.

  • File Export

    Spread will export your data to multiple file formats including Excel, XML, HTML, .SS* (Spread proprietary format), tab-delimited, and comma-delimited.

  • Cell Types and Data Validation

    One of the most powerful features of Spread is the ability to validate data automatically while the user is entering the information or the data is being programmatically assigned. Spread provides twelve cell types that are configured to accept only a certain type of data input, thus eliminating the need for you to manually validate data.

  • Multiple Operation Modes

    Operation modes control how your customers can interact with Spread. For example, you can make Spread read-only or have it act as a list box.

    Multiple Operation Modes
  • Cell Borders

    All border design properties including thickness, color, and style are supported.

    Cell Borders
  • Cell Notes and Text Tips

    Add cell notes and text tips to give users additional information. Cell Notes are indicated by a red dot in the corner of the cell and when clicked, information appears. Text tips are similar except they appear on hover.

    Cell Notes and Text Tips
  • Sheet and Cell Protection

    Lock specific cells or entire sheets from editing.

    Sheet and Cell Protection

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