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GrapeCity Spread Studio and SpreadJS are spreadsheet and data presentation component suites that helps professional .NET and JavaScript developers create engineering, performance monitors, accounting, risk analysis, scientific, financial, and other enterprise business applications.

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    Modeled after Microsoft Excel ®, Spread includes all the spreadsheet features you need to create interactive data views and forms. Spread supports Excel import/export, 300+ functions, charting, printing and print preview, grouping, filtering, sorting, conditional formatting, and data bound/unbound modes.

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    Bound Grid Views

    Spread gives you the most flexible grid around. Whether you need a simple grid view or an advanced data view complete with formulas, sorting, filtering, and grouping, Spread can do it. Spread is designed to work with any data source, so data binding is no problem.

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    Data Visualization

    Summarize data and create informative dashboards with familiar data visualization features. Spread includes charts, sparklines, tables, and conditional formatting.

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    Aggregate your data from any data source and summarize it for printing and exporting to Excel or PDF.

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    Numeric Models

    Create complex numeric models to perform calculations for engineering, financial, scientific applications, materials estimating, what-if analysis, and more. Spread includes over 300 built-in functions and supports advanced features such as array formulas and custom functions.

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    Input Forms

    Create advanced input forms for electronic lab notebooks, budgeting and projection, accounting, invoicing, tax forms, insurance forms, and data entry. Don't worry about coding complex layouts and data validation logic. Spread's flexible data binding, cell types, layout, and formula engine make form design easy while automatic data validation helps ensure data integrity.

Why Smart Developers Choose Spread

  • Calculation Engine

    Spread's calculation engine includes over 300 functions, supports custom functions, and includes a formula text box. Create a numeric model of any type or allow users to perform their own ad-hoc calculations.

  • No-hassle Data Binding

    Spread is designed to connect to all major data sources. Focus on designing your application instead of binding data.

  • Import / Export Excel Files

    Spread imports and exports Excel files with features fully intact. Common scenarios are saving data in Excel to databases, creating ad-hoc what-if analysis on bound data, and using Excel to design templates.

  • Free-form Data Layout

    Spread follows spreadsheet workflow and interactions principles, so it is easy to create dashboards, data views, and input forms of any type. Spread offers a very flexible layout and allows you to mix bound and unbound modes, perform calculations, apply conditional formatting, add charts, and format tables.

  • Comprehensive API

    Customize Spread to behave exactly the way you want by using the extensive API.

  • Template Designers

    Spread includes template designer applications that look and behave much like Excel. They can also import Excel files, so you can start with templates you already have or allow non-technical subject matter experts help you design views and forms.

Who Uses Spread?

  • Bridgestone
  • Airforce
  • Cerner
  • Verizon
  • Honeywell
  • Lockheed
  • I haven't come across such a feature-rich solid Spread before. Thanks for giving such a nice component.

    Adavesh Managaon , MVP, Visual C#

  • Spread is one of the single most important and long awaited innovations to the business process integration (BPI) market I've ever seen.

    Jeff Lynch , Microsoft MVP

  • Wow! Too good to be true: professional documentation and samples. Feature rich!

    Anil Chandra

  • We purchased the Spread controls since they were better and easier to use than the Microsoft Grid controls in .NET.

    Erin Arroyo , Senior Developer , Geomentum

  • ...dramatic improvement in performance, features, and coding efficiency.

    Robert Ripp , CEO , Fintelligent, LLC

  • Spread delivers a unique grid layout for our software solutions and lets us add user interface components.

    Philippe Jolidon , Software Engineer R&D , JAG Jakob AG Prozesstechnik

  • It did us not take long to get the hang of the tool and we were very pleased to discover that Vscroll was indeed automatic.

    Chuck Ashbaugh , President , Sasco, Inc.

  • Spread benefits my company because our clients can now see the immediate benefit the websites we create for them provide.

    Michael Stark , Owner , StarkNetwork.com

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