Spread.Sheets is the spreadsheet component of the SpreadJS product family. This enterprise-grade JavaScript spreadsheet displays and manages data much like Microsoft Excel. Popular features include a formula engine, sorting, filtering, input controls, sparklines, native Excel input and output, and support for Angular 2.

Excel-Like Spreadsheet UI

  • Workbook Support

    Present data in a grid layout, a single spreadsheet, or in a multiple sheet workbook. However you choose to display data, you get features such as a function library, grouping, sorting, filtering, and conditional formatting.

  • Spreadsheet Authoring

    Whether you are working in bound, unbound, or mixed mode, users will enjoy an easy click-to-edit spreadsheet authoring workflow right in the browser.

  • Style and Formatting

    Format cells exactly the way you wish with features such as fonts, alignment, merging, borders, and shading. Apply data type formatting, such as currency, to cells.

Excel-Like Spreadsheet UI

Data Display, Analysis, and Visualization

  • Sparklines

    Spread includes many impressive sparklines that allow you to quickly, and professionally, summarize data trends. You can even create your own custom sparkline to present virtually any type of sparkline you can imagine.

  • Data Slicer

    Filter data with controls such as buttons, sliders, and checkboxes with the data slicer. Apply one to a table in a few steps or customize your own.

  • Conditional Formatting

    Show performance indicators, icon sets, data bars, color scales, and more with conditional formatting support.

Data Display, Analysis, and Visualization

Spreadsheet Features and Excel File Compatibility

  • Excel-Like Data Display

    Sort, filter, group, and outline data to get the view you need. Table formatting and conditional formatting are also supported.

  • Excel Features

    Give your users the spreadsheet features they expect such as drag fill, drag move, hidden columns, hidden rows, shapes, and frozen panes.

  • Optional Excel Import/Export Component

    The Spread.Sheets package includes a Client-Side and optional .NET server-side Excel I/O component that imports Excel files with features, formatting, and security rules intact. This component is independent of all other features and is not required to use Spread.Sheets.

Spreadsheet Features and Excel File Compatibility

Print and Print Preview

Visual Designer for Creating Spreadsheets, Data Views, Dashboards, and Forms

  • Template Designer

    Included designer helps you design data views and forms in a familiar Excel-like interface. Use it to design new views and forms or import Excel files.

  • Import Excel Files

    The Spread.Sheets designer application imports Excel files with features intact, so people who don't use Spread.Sheets can help design data views. This is particularly useful in involving subject matter experts in the design process.

  • Export JSON

    Save your templates to JSON for easy loading into your web application.

Visual Designer for Creating Spreadsheets, Data Views, Dashboards, and Forms

Extensive Function Library and Calculation Engine

  • Built-In Function Library

    Choose from over 300 built-in functions and apply them to individual cells, rows/columns, or entire sheets. Cross-sheet referencing is also supported.

  • Custom Formula Support

    Create your own formulas and add them to the libraries. Includes support for array formulas.

  • Formula Text Box Control

    Add an Excel-like formula text box to your sheets.

Extensive Function Library and Calculation Engine

Cell Types and Number Formatting

  • Special Cell Types

    Use button, checkbox, combo box, and hyperlink cell types to automatically set a cell’s behavior.

  • Number Formatting

    Choose from the same number cell types you see in Excel such as general, currency, accounting, date, percentage, scientific, and fraction. You can also set currency symbols, separators, and decimal places.

  • Custom Cell Types

    Spread.Sheets is completely extensible, so you are free to create your own cell types.

Cell Types and  Number Formatting
  • Cell Padding and Labels

    Design perfect spreadsheet form layouts with new padding and labeling properties for each cell. Cell watermarks can be displayed in the background to assist the user in filling forms quickly and easily.

    Cell Padding and Labels
  • Tables

    Format data sets with features such as pre-defined table styles, automatic filtering, sorting, structured references, and named items.

  • Cell Borders

    All border design properties including thickness, color, and style are supported.

    Cell Borders
  • Flexible Data Binding

    Bind individual cells, ranges, tables, or entire sheets to JSON data sources. Mix bound and unbound modes on the same sheet.

    Flexible Data Binding
  • Data Validation

    Don't worry about writing complex validation logic. Spread.Sheets includes data validation rules and will automatically validate based on the cell type.

    Data Validation
  • Clipboard Support

    Spread fully supports clipboard operations including those specific to spreadsheets such as paste all cell info or only data, formatting, or formulas.

    Clipboard Support
  • Sorting and Filtering

    Give your users Excel-like sorting and filtering features. Add sort and filter controls to a whole sheet automatically or manually column by column. Outlook-style drag and drop column filtering is also supported.

    Sorting and Filtering
  • Themes

    Spread includes themes from Office 2003 through 2016 and other professionally designed skins. You are also free to create your own.

  • Fully Documented API

    Customize your applications to fit your needs with Spread.Sheets comprehensive API.

    Fully Documented API
  • Scroll Tips

    Show a tooltip that contains a content preview on the scroll bar as the user scrolls.

    Scroll Tips
  • Localization Support

    Spread controls honor culture settings for symbols such as currency, will render any character set, and you can localize interface strings. Double-byte characters and right-to-left layout are also supported.

    Localization Support
  • Cell Comments

    Use the designer or code to insert cell comments that behave much like those you see in Excel.

    Cell Comments
  • Sheet and Cell Protection

    Lock specific cells or entire sheets from editing.

    Sheet and Cell Protection

Plug-In Architecture Helps Control Size

Spread.Sheets feature sets are split into individual modules so that you can load only the JavaScript files you need.

  • Core Features

  • Data Binding

  • Calculation

  • Cell Types

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Cell Comments

  • Data Validation

  • Drag and Fill

  • Filter

  • Cell Formatter

  • Formula Text Box

  • Grouping

  • Print

  • Search

  • Sparklines

  • Tables

  • Table Slicer

  • Standalone Data Slicer

  • Touch Support

  • Build a JavaScript Spreadsheet in Five Minutes

    Spread.Sheets is so complete that it can be implemented with very little code and in just a few minutes. Follow our tutorial to implement your own Spread.Sheets instance. It only takes a few minutes. You don't even need to download anything (if you don't want to).

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    Build a JavaScript Spreadsheet in Five Minutes

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