Spread.Views, currently included in the SpreadJS product family, is the next-generation of JavaScript data presentation and layout components. Go beyond traditional tabular display by including a variety of views such as tree, card, masonry, trellis, timeline, Gantt, calendar, and grid.

Spread.Views provides ultimate flexibility by making layouts, row templates, data fields, calculations, and editing modes completely and easily customizable. Use Spread.Views layouts for analysis, performance monitoring, data reporting, dashboards, product catalogs, ecommerce, news feeds, project management applications, and much more.

Customize Everything

  • Layouts

    Each layout includes a full set of options and an API, so customization is simple. Decide between vertical or horizontal alignment, determine field placement, or format the overall look. The possibilities are endless.

  • Row Templates

    Create templates for rows, groups, headers, and footers with plain HTML and CSS. Use templates to present a row on multiple lines in a traditional tabular display or create any kind of card you can imagine.

  • Data Field Presenters

    Use configurable presenters to determine how to show data fields, columns, and headers. Choose from built-in presenters, such as Sparklines, progress bars, and image containers or write your own.

  • Editing Modes

    Choose to allow users to edit data inline, in a pop-up, or in a form. Each case is customizable.

Customize Everything

Customizable Edit Modes

Allow users to edit data inline, with a pop-up form, or with a drop-down form. Spread.Views will display fields in data appropriate controls such as text fields for strings and spinners for numbers. Each method is completely customizable, so you can make it look and behave the way you need.

Get Started

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